The Six Maidens of Juan Ramón Jiménez

Las Seis Doncellas de Juan Ramón Jimenez, Interpretado por Silvia Nogales y Esther Acevedo

I present you my project Las Seis Doncellas de Juan Ramón Jiménez


Original illustration for the piece “Platero y Yo”. Made by Laura Ferreiro (

At first, this project had the purpose of being my Grade Final Work in CSM Rafael Orozco, but this project was in my mind for many years. In my family there was always been very present dance, theater and music. Since I was little I grew up with theater and dance because of my cousins and my sister. When I arrived at CSM Córdoba I discovered that we had to make a final creative project career and it was then, that I started thinking about a project that would allow me to use various arts, always into the educational law for this project. I started researching the repertoire that I could use to make a program with some disciplines and guitar, accompained of a base of solid investigation.

Researching through some books and the biography of Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco by Corazón Otero. Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco: su vida y obra para guitarra. Musical Edition Yólotl. México: 1987, I arrived to her work Platero y Yo for narrator and guitar which accompany voice and music to the book of Juan Ramón Jiménez. From that moment, and because of articles like one by María

Presentation of the project, CSM Rafael Orozco. 18 de June 2014

Ángeles Sanz, «La música en el universo poético de Juan Ramón Jiménez»,Tropelías: Revista de teoría de la literatura y literatura comparada. 1999, nº9-10, pp. 407-419, I found the connections needed to get the musical program developed, which today continues to build and expand thanks to the help of Juan Jose Pastor.

This project try to be an educational journey through the life of Juan Ramón Jiménez, connecting very important moments of his friendship with Falla, his Poems, Platero and I, etc.

For the elaboration of this program, we have with us the ilustrations of Laura Ferreiro. This ilustrations were made specifically for this occasion and were accompained by the actress Esther Acevedo.

Sketch from the ilustration of the piece “Elegía Di Marzo”

I hope you enjoy with this project, which was born into the heart for connect painting, theatre, music and poetry. A program very personal for me, because I received Platero as a gift from my mother and it was one of my favorite when I was a child. Many pieces that you will listen and discover, are related with Juan Ramón and I approached music with them in my childhood. Because of this project, I can play this pieces with my cousin Esther Acevedo, closing the circle.

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Here you are two of the pieces that form the program. This pieces can show you an example of the project.

The first one is Platero de la suite Platero y Yo (1960) by Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco/Juan Ramón Jiménez for narrator and guitar. This piece was composed in IV volumes, which have seven movements each one. Each volume must be played separately.

The second one is an adaptation of study number 4, homage to Juan Ramón Jiménez, titled Elegía di Marzo and composed by Angelo Gilardino. This study-homage was made (by author) “with almost infantile ways” but at the same time has a “group of resonances and implications, that the piece is in an opposite plane to naïveté, with innocent simplicity”. Mesa Redonda: GILARDINO, A., NUTI, G., SUÁREZ-PAJÁRES, J., PORQUEDDU, C., GIMENO, J., RIBA, J. «Angelo Gilardino. Componer, Buscar, Editar, Enseñar: Cuatro Facetas De Una Misma Obra» Mesa Redonda “Festival de la Guitarra Córdoba”(Córdoba 2012).

At the beginning of the score of this study, edited by side in the same series by Berben, you can read a verse from one of the elegies of Juan Ramon. We have wanted to put the text of the poem to study of Gilardino, because of good matching text-produced the music.

Both of them have been recorded in studio Rimshot in Madrid by Carlos Lillo and were edited and mastered by Pablo Despeyroux in Barcelona.

Videos have been produced and realized by Ismael Muñoz.

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